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:iconroyalphase1plz: Submit art to the correct folders! :D

:iconroyalphase2plz: No flaming, bashing, or fighting over the characters!

:iconroyalphase3plz: Have fun!!! And love Hetalia!

:iconredsparklesplz::iconyellowsparklesplz:IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!:iconyellowsparklesplz::iconredsparklesplz:

I tried to keep the folders somewhat loose, so that it would make our jobs easier and so no one would have to think too hard about what goes where. Please read this!

Axis Powers: This can be them as individuals OR in any combination of the three of them. I also accept Prussia and Austria into this folder. Pairings go in the non-OC Pairings folder. Can include comics.
Allied Forces: This can be them as individuals OR in any combination of the five of them. I accept Canada into this folder as well since he was technically an Allied force. Pairings go in the non-OC Pairings folder. Can include comics.
Pairings non-OC: Rather self explanatory, any pairing between cannon characters including self-cest, 2p, HetaOni, Chibi, Mochi, Neko, and Nyotalia pairings. Can also include comics of pairings.
Characters in Groups: Any mix of the main characters and comics of the main characters. (the allies and axis but can include other countries as well, this folder is rather loose).
Cosplay: Only for Cosplay! :3 Cosplay pairings go here as well!
Fanfictions - Readers: Only for Fanfictions and Readers! :D

Pleas note that ALL fan fictions and readers go to the Fanfiction-Reader folder! And all journals and RP requests go to the Misc folder!!

2P Characters: Anything 2P Hetalia related including comics, and pairings. Pairings also accepted in non-OC Pairings folder.
OCs and OC Pairings: For original characters or for characters redesigned by fans, and their pairings. OC COMICS GO HERE!
Misc.-Gif-Meme-Demotivationals: Anything random that you don't know where it goes, PUT IT HERE! >:3
Other Hetalia Characters: Characters such as Hungary, Sealand, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, ect. comics of Other Hetalia Characters can go here.
Asia: For any character of the Asian Continent that isn't an OC. Asia OC's still go to the OC folder. Asia specific comics can go here.
Nordic 5: Any of the Nordic 5 as individuals or in groups. Pairings go in the non-OC Pairings folder. Nordic Comics can go here.
HetaOni: Anything HetaOni related including comics, and pairings. Pairings also accepted in non-OC Pairings folder.
Mochi-Chibi-Neko-Nyotalia: As the name suggests, Mochitalia, Chibitalia, Nekotalia, and Nyotalia pictures go here, including parings and comics. Pairings also accepted in the non-OC Pairings folder.
HetaCrossovers: This folder is for any drawn works of a Hetalia cross over with another show, such as "Hetalia Time" (Hetalia X Adventure Time). ANY HetaCrossover written works go to the Fanfiction-Readers folder.

Aaaand... that's about it! :D yay! If there are any questions, or if I'm missing any aspect of Hetalia, please PLEASE!! write a little message on this entry so that I can fix it or clarify anything that's confusing you! Thank you to all those who actually read this! :'D

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A fan club of Hetalia! A group where Hetalians can unite and "Draw a circle", or a bunch of awesome fanart.
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Mar 8, 2013


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Rose divider by Sophibelle

Here are the lovely introductions written by the co-founders!

Divider (4) by LadyMidnightSolace


Hello there! My name is fanfic-she-wrote and I am one of the two new co-founders chosen by the lovely Fyreflare to admin this group!

Obviously I’m a fan of the anime series Hetalia Axis Powers. I’m a writer by trade and I love being involved in this fandom. My personal aim for this group is to make it a fun, inclusive place where fans can share their love for the series in a safe environment. I love to talk to people and I promise I won’t bite so if you have any questions about the group or where to submit then don’t be afraid to ask. Myself or SadBiscuit will be sure to give you an answer!

So, that’s it from me (I’m not too good at introductions, sorry) so I’ll hand it over to my fellow admin. I hope I can do a good job as your new co-founder.

Divider (4) by LadyMidnightSolace


Hello! I'm SadBiscuit and I'm glad I was chosen to become one of the two new co-founders of this awesome group! Together with fanfic-she-wrote, we will do our best to keep this group alive and kicking!

Alright, I'll tell you some things about myself now. I'm a random, but friendly person who obviously loves Hetalia! I usually express my love for Hetalia by writing fanfictions, or reader inserts, to be exact. I also have a knack for designing many things and abusing too much emoticons. To be honest, I want to see this group active again, and I'm here to make that happen. I'd love to help this group and the members in any way I can, so contact me or fanfic-she-wrote whenever you have questions about the group!

Umm... So, I guess that's almost everything you need to know about me! ^^" I'm struggling not to use emoticons right now... >w< Feel free to contact us anytime!

My introduction is shorter than fanfic-she-wrote's introduction... orz


I can't help but to notice the lack of certain folders in the gallery. I think it needs some new folders to make submissions more organized and to avoid confusion. From the more important to the less important ones in my opinion, here are some folders that I want to see in the group:

:bulletgreen: Canon x OC - just like the name indicates, fanarts that have canon Hetalia characters paired with OCs should be submitted here.

:bulletgreen: Fanfiction - Canon x Canon - I've noticed the lack of a folder for fanfictions focused on a certain pairing. I think we need to create a new folder so that the members won't be confused and ask us why there's no folder for their Spamano fanfiction. For me, this folder is one of the more important ones we really need to add to the gallery.

:bulletgreen: Fanfiction - Canon x Reader x Canon - again, I've seen that there's no folder for fanfictions that have the reader paired with two canon characters.

:bulletgreen: Europe - I didn't see a folder for the European countries, so I guess we should add a new folder for them. Also, I think that we should further divide European countries into "Southern Europe", "Western Europe", "Eastern Europe" etc... since there are many characters from Europe.

:bulletgreen: Micronations - THIS. There are many fanarts for micronations and I think it's nice to add a folder for the micronations, so why not?

:bulletgreen: Not Sure - I really think we need to add this one for members that aren't sure where their submission is supposed to go. Admins can just move submission(s) in the "Not Sure" folder to the correct folder(s) when they submit there.

:bulletgreen: Bad Touch Trio - there are TONS of fanarts of this trio, I guess it's quite helpful to add a folder dedicated to the BTT.

:bulletgreen: F.A.C.E. - same reason as the one above this, there are many fanarts of F.A.C.E., but I feel like this one isn't really required or needed since they're part of the Allied Forces...

:bulletgreen: Others

:bulletgreen: GIFs and Icons

:bulletyellow: Also, I feel like we should change the name of the folder "HetaOni" into "HetaGames" since HetaOni isn't the only fanmade game made by Hetalians. The folder will have a new purpose; it'll now accept fanarts of Dreamtalia, Persona Powers Hetalia, and other fanmade games, not just HetaOni.

:bulletyellow: I think we should separate the folder "Mochi-Chibi-Neko-Nyotalia" and make new folders named "Mochitalia", "Chibi", "Nekotalia", and "Nyotalia", respectively.

Divider (2) by LadyMidnightSolace

We want to hear our members' opinions about this, so please comment and tell us what you think! Thank you!
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fanfic-she-wrote Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
May I suggest a fanfiction folder dedicated to non-x readers? it might neaten up the submissions. :)
Gleca Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hello, I've tried submitting some art but it's not being accepted 
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I just tried resubmitting, but it doesn't look like anything is going through.
I have no idea what to do now. I've tried twice, but nothing. T.T

Never mind they finally showed up in my correspondence. :XD: Weird that it took an hour to, but I guess DA is having issues again.
Fyreflare Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student Writer
Sorry about that! I ain't a programmer so I can only click the buttons they give me. XD

I will be better with managing this group!
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kiramaru7 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Is this group still active? Everything I submitted 3 days ago expired. I'm sure they all went into the correct folders too.
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Where should I put this? It's and OC and a canon, and it's not a pairing...
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